Report for Week 1 of January 2022

Week 1

31 December 2021 – 7 January 2022

Compliments of the season to all our customers and friends

Wishing everyone a productive year 2022. We are glad to welcome everyone back. We were never away and providing service to all customers 247 / 365. With the big days, Christmas and new years behind us we are more focused than ever to bring positive changes by reducing crime and grime with a speedy response to any emergency and a proactive approach with dedicated, focused patrolling

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This year we will be directing our crime stats to a dedicated area on our website and will be sending out a link each week on this platform so everyone can see what we are getting up to in our area. Below are some of the incidents we responded to since we welcomed in the new year

Tuesday 04 January 2022

09h58 – De Mist Street reported a male with a bald head and beard shining a torch into the windows. Last night and a week ago he was seen in Elizabeth Roos Street. Our officers were informed and were on the lookout for him. Any information or pics please send to

14h13 – Dromedaris Street requested assistance, reporting an emergency and requested response

14h23 – Armed response reported 2x Males demanded medical assistance and they did not have money to pay. They were directed to the clinic. aio

15h23 – Armed response reported 2x intoxicated males were removed from the foot bridge in Wemyss Street as they were harassing persons using / crossing the footbridge to and from the bus station

21h50 – Patrol vehicle noted kids in Princess Alice throwing stones in the street, at cars and houses. Kids ran away when confronted by the patrol vehicle

Wednesday 05 January 2022

08h04 – Kettley Way requested assistance with garage door that wont open. Armed response dispatched. Arrival and assisted the client aio. No break-in or damage to property reported

Friday 07 January 2022

18h37 – Madeira Street requested assistance with neighbours that are fighting. Armed response dispatched

18h42 – Armed response reported the opposite neighbours ( Non Clients) are fighting over alcohol in the yard. They were requested to cease with the disturbance and complied

Saturday 08 January 2022

08h48 – Koeberg Road requested assistance with a vagrant begging for money from customers. Armed response dispatched.

08:51 – Armed response reported that the vagrant was requested to remove himself and beg elsewhere. The vagrant complied and left

Sunday 09 January 2022

04h51 – Patrol vehicle requested back up from Maitland SAPS for one of their vehicles needing assistance with an unruly person in Koeberg Road. SAPS Maitland not available

04h51 – Patrol vehicle requested back up from Maitland SAPS for one of their vehicles needing assistance with an unruly person. SAPS Maitland not available

05h00 – Armed Response reported back up has arrived for the SAPS Officer that was struggling with a male resisting arrest. It has been taken care of. Armed Response stood off until the scene was cleared

10h59 – Knightowl Management requested a response to a break-in Glennifer and Da Gama Street (non-client). The corner shop window was smashed, incident happened at around 02:00am as reported. Window was smashed and items were removed without the permission of the owner.

21h40 – Patrol vehicle reported the Cashier’s window at one of the petrol stations was found open. Burglar bars were intact. Client was contacted and the patrol vehicle closed the window

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