Report for Week 5 of December 2023

Weekly Crime Report – 25 December to 31 December 2023

Tuesday 26 December 2023

21h33 – A Koeberg Road resident requests Law Enforcement for children letting off fireworks between Justin and Poole street.

  • Law Enforcement contacted Ref:  1001860004
  • Resident informed

09h20 – Whilst patrolling on patrol Armed Response noted two Armed Response vehicles from two different companies engaging with a suspicious male at the forecourt of a petrol station. Suspect had a heavy bag on a trolley with various items inside it.  Armed Response requested to check the suspects bag, but the suspect refused. Shortly after, a white Taxi arrives on scene and the suspect gets in and leaves.

  • 15h05 – A Paarden Eiland business was broken into this morning, and multiple items were stolen.  On describing the items our Controller notes it is very similar to the items noted on the suspect at the Service Station reported earlier this morning
  • Control notifies management and Armed Response

Thursday 28 December 2023

10H34 – A Lavis Crescent resident requested Armed Response assistance for children setting off fireworks on the premises

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response arrives on scene.  Spoke to the children's neighbor who assisted in confiscating the fireworks. 
  • Armed Response spoke to the children about the dangers of a fire

Friday 29 December 2023

18h46 – A Donegal Street resident reported a motorbike delivery driver was just robbed in the street in front of her house.  Victim ran away.  Suspect vehicle is a blue VW Sedan, Reg CY359051 No victim on scene SAPS contacted

  • CoCT Emergency Informed Ref:  1001863119
  • Armed Response alerts Control that suspect vehicle also tried to rob a lady in Egret street
  • Armed Response sweeps area, but the vehicle not in sight 

Saturday 30 December 2023

14h45 –A Kiln Road resident requested Armed Response assistance for two suspects armed with knives that robbed someone in Kiln Road. OPS Manager in pursuit direction of Lagoon Beach.

  • Armed Response also in pursuit
  • Lagoon Beach Security calls Control and confirms one suspect entered their premises and security detained him.
  • OPS Manager and Armed Response in route
  • Armed Response takes suspect to Milnerton SAPS

Sunday 31 December 2023

18h58 – Whilst on area patrol, Armed Response reports a suspicious vehicle with four males driving slowly and stopping to check houses. Vehicle has two different number plates on front and back.

  • Armed Response following and monitoring vehicle
  • CoCT Emergency contacted and told to inform SAPS and Metro.  With Ref:  1001865109

22h32 – A Brooklyn Petrol Station required Armed Response assistance 

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response arrives on scene and confirms a client filled up with R100 petrol and paid with a fake R100 note.  Suspect said he will go fetch the real money, but has not returned yet
  • CoCT Emergency contacted to contact SAPS Ref:  1001865395
  • Armed Response reports suspect returned and left his details, confirmed he will return later to pay the money owed
  • Resident informed





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