Report for Week 2 of April 2022

Crime report 04 April 2022 – 11 April 2022

Monday 04 April 2022

14h36 – Madeira street requested medical assistance

  • Armed response dispatched
  • Client was assisted and situation was resolved on arrival of the Armed Response officer

Wednesday 06 April 2022

19h44 – Madeira street requested an urgent response for people fighting in the street with bricks

  • Armed response dispatched
  • Issue was resolved on arrival of the armed response, the people stopped fighting and left the street

Friday 08 April 2022

00h38 – Corah street requested extra patrols for a vehicle that would be parked in the street. 

  • Patrol vehicle was informed and patrols were carried out

04h11 – Farnsworth Street requested assistance.

  • Armed response dispatched
  • Armed response requested SAPS for a domestic dispute
  • After a few minutes the issue was resolved and both parties left, SAPS were cancelled

07h50 – Dromedaris Street – A displaced person was found sleeping on a client’s premises and was subsequently removed and warned not to return

Saturday 09 April 2022

12h39 – While on patrol our patrol vehicle noted a theft out of M/V in Dick King Way

  • Patrol vehicle reported a blue Toyota Aygo  CA-911481 was found broken into via the boot. 
  • The boots release cable had been cut. Items stolen was a cellular phone and aux cable. Vehicle was parked outside of the premises in the road at the time of the incident

Sunday 03 April 2022 

11h13 – Break in and theft reported in Corah Street

  • Armed response was dispatched 
  • On arrival armed response reported a garage break-in
  • Lock had been forced open and 4 Deep cycle batteries were removed from the premises
  • SAPS Maitland were contacted – No reply
  • SAPS Milnerton were contacted Cononel Warnick who confirmed that a vehicle would be dispatched. (SAPS never arrived after being contacted multiple times)
  • SAPS Maitland did not respond to any phone calls

We have being receiving more and more reports of theft, housebreaking and theft out of M/V. 

We also received a report of a robbery at 07:15 on Saturday morning in Van Riebeek street, involving a black Polo, it is unknown if suspects were armed. The member was on his way to work and robbed of his cellphone

We are proud to report that areas where community cameras are installed had a zero crime report and we are committed and driven to add more cameras and more eyes watching. Show your support of the community CCTV initiative  

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