Report for Week 1 of July 2022

Crime and Response Report 27 June – 04 July 2022

Monday 27 June 2022

09h19   A break-in was reported in Kettley Way.

• Armed Response dispatched
• Client reported it was not a break-in the garage open was left open

Tuesday 28 June 2022

14h07   Kettley Way requested a patrol for a suspicious Bravo male parked in front the house taking pictures.

• Armed Response dispatched
• Armed Response reported on arrival the vehicle drove off. The details could not be taken but extra patrols carried out

17h15   Princess Alice Avenue requested SAPS for a domestic incident involving theft

• Armed Response dispatched 
• Maitland SAPS contacted – No response
• Law Enforcement contacted spoke to Lynn REF 1001337073
• On arrival of Armed Response, the family member had left

Friday 01 July 2022

00h00   Kettley Way requested a patrol for a suspicious Van parked outside.

• Armed Response dispatched
• Armed Response reported taxi left. All in order

01h15   Magnolia Crescent requested a patrol for strange noises heard from the garage.

• Armed Response dispatched
• Armed Response reported all round check done. All in order

09h09   Armed Response reported while on patrol it had been noticed that the cables from the street light poles were cut in Diep Street.

• Armed Response requested City of Cape Town 
• Armed Response reported City of Cape Town on site as request had just been done so no need to contact.

17H56   Control contacted Fire & Rescue for incident at Madeira Street

• Spoke to Snazo call had already been logged
• Armed Response on scene
• Law Enforcement called and they said they will hand over the matter to the police and they will send out someone. (Call went off while put on hold)

• Milnerton SAPS contacted. Spoke to Captain Maqhina and said they will send out a van.
•  Armed response reported SAPS arrival at Madeira Street
•  Armed response reported SAPS are taking victim to Somerset Hospital

22H01   Koeberg Road requested an ambulance for a tenant

• Emergency service was contacted and spoke to Xholani

Saturday 02 July 2022

17H53   Kings Road requested a patrol vehicle because neighbours came and threaten her.

• Armed response dispatched
• Issue resolved on arrival of the Armed Response

Sunday 03 July 2022

05H30   Armed response reported accident on Koeberg Road near Epping Street.

• Milnerton SAPS was called and spoke to Captain Manini. 
• SAPS said they would send out van.


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