Report for Week 5 of March 2023

Weekly Crime Stats 27 March to 02 April 2023

Tuesday 28 March 2023

04h15 – A Brooklyn Resident reported 3 males breaking into a vehicle in Da Gama Street.  One of the suspects gained access to the vehicle

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response reported on arrival the suspects had dispersed
  • Armed Response confirms vehicle window is smashed
  • SAPS contacted, Ref: 100158472
  • Control notes two of the suspects may have broken into another vehicle further down Da Gama Street
  • Armed Response confirmed he noted two of the suspects outside a Da Gama street residence
  • 06h50 – Control notifies NSCI Brooklyn of incident 

07h42 – A Kings Road resident requests Control to log a C3 for an illegal Car Repair business on the pavement across his house

  • Person doing the repairs is a neighbour who rents a Wendy house at the back of the premises
  • Control logs a C3 with Ref:  9114490266

Thursday 30 March 2023

03h22 –A Silver Meadows resident requests an ambulance on site for an elderly woman she is pain and suffers from Parkinson’s Disease

  • CoCT Emergency contacted, spoke to controller who confirmed ambulance will be dispatched.  Ref:  1001586637
  • 04h38 – Control contacted CoCT Emergency again and spoke to controller, who confirmed ambulance not available, and call is in progress
  • 11h10 – Control follows up with resident to check if ambulance arrived.  Confirms no ambulance arrived
  • Control contacts CoCT Emergency services who confirms ambulance was cancelled as no one was at complex gate to open
  • Control tells Operator to book another ambulance, as the lady still needs assistance
  • Control checks with resident if an ambulance was at gate about 07h02, Silver Meadows confirms there was one ambulance outside, and when he went to query if that ambulance was for SM, the ambulance driver said they are on their way to a call at Albow Gardens
  • 11h55 – Control once again contacts CoCT Emergency Services for ambulance, Ref:  1001587012
  • 13h35 – Control once again contacts CoCT Emergency Services for the ambulance ETA.  They say next available ambulance is booked for Silver Meadows.
  • Control notifies Silver Meadows guard that ambulance should be on site shortly
  • 14h48 – Resident confirms Control can cancel ambulance, as the lady’s friend arrived with medication, and she seems to be OK.  Control notifies resident to keep him updated with any changes
  • Control contacts CoCT Emergency, and speaks to controller, and cancels ambulance

11h50 – Alpha 1 contacts Control and reports there is a white male, in his mid-20’s, in the carpark lying on the ground at a Brooklyn Petrol Station.  Person is weak, difficulty breathing and cannot move.

  • Control contacts CoCT Emergency to request ambulance. Spoke to Controller, Ref: 1001586979
  • 13h30 – Control contacts the garage to check if ambulance has arrived.  They said no, but the patient gave them a number of his friend to contact, and he said he is on his way to pick the patient up and take him to hospital
  • Control contacts CoCT Emergency and cancels ambulance
  • 16h35 – Metro Ambulance Services contacts Control to check if ambulance still needed at the garage.  Control confirms ambulance was cancelled and no longer needed

Friday 31 March 2023

17h54 – A Van Riebeek Street resident gives Control a missed call.  Control tries to phone back but gets voicemail

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response reports high wall at premises, and no access.  All seems in order from the outside
  • Control phones the resident, and leaves a voice message for them to call back and confirm if all in order
  • Control sends a Whatsapp message to the resident for them to call back and confirm if all in order
  • 21h08 – The resident contacted Control and confirmed all is in order

Saturday 01 April 2023

07h17 – Silver Meadows complex contacts Control to request an ambulance for the elderly lady 

  • Control contacts CoCT Emergency and speaks to Controller Ref: 1001588712
  • 08h16 – Ambulance arrives and EMT tends to patient
  • Patient does not want to be taken to Du Noon clinic by ambulance, and said she will arrange her own transport to Somerset Hospital
  • Ambulance leaves premises without patient

Sunday 02 April 2023

11h57 – A Brooklyn Shop phoned in to report 2 persons mugged at their door entrance.  Robbers fled in a white Toyota Etios

  • SAPS notified

18h45 – A Kings Road resident contacted Control requesting an ambulance for an 18 year old girl who overdosed on drugs.  Patient is semi-conscious and her heart rate is very low

  • Control contacts CoCT Emergency, spoke to Controller
  • The resident phoned and confirmed a friend took the patient to Medi Clinic, so no ambulance needed
  • Control contacts CoCT Emergency, and speaks to Controller and cancels ambulance




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